Email client setup guides

The following email guides are provided as a reference for you to set up your email client(s):

Server & Port Quick Reference

There are multiple servers supported. Be sure to choose the server which your account is hosted on. If you are unsure which server to use, please contact us.

Server Name Notes Most customers should use this server name Your client will issue SSL certificate errors if you use This is normal since the name of the certificate will not match your domain and will match the server name itself. You can correct this for free by enabling SSL for your website in the control panel with Let's Encrypt.

Incoming/Outgoing POP3, IMAP & SMTP Port Settings

  Port Notes
Outgoing Mail 25 Standard SMTP port, blocked by most ISP's
  465 Alternative SMTP port
  587 TLS Enabled SMTP port - Preferred
Incoming Mail 110 Standard POP3 port
  143 IMAP port
  995 SSL Enabled POP3 port - Preferred
  993 SSL Enabled IMAP port
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