About Lizard Hill Hosting

Lizard Hill Hosting
is owned and operated by Western Horizon Technologies, a premiere IT services company founded in 1992. Our mission is to provide superior web hosting at the best possible prices. WHT also provides a broad spectrum of services from LAN and WAN design, web & Internet presence, server administration and desktop solutions for small and medium sized businesses. This broad base of services and experience is what Lizard Hill Hosting is built upon.

Built with the professional in mind

Good service and a fast reliable network is what we're all about. Lizard Hill takes pride in the services we offer, which is why we use them ourselves. The owners and staff at Lizard Hill know how important a reliable site is,  that is why we own and manage our own equipment and only use the best possible routers and servers. Lizard Hill uses the latest in Cisco layer-3 switching technology, rock solid FreeBSD servers and N+2 network and power redundancy. Our servers are co-located at one of largest internet interchanges on the west coast with peering agreements with nearly every ISP on the planet, providing low latencies and plentiful bandwidth.

Top notch support

Have a question about our services, or having a problem with your site? Choose one of the many technical support options from our support area. We're here 24x7 when you have a problem with your site, and happy help in any way we can. 


We always appreciate feedback from our customers. Without feedback, we can't improve our services. If there is something about our service you think we should change, or new features you'd like to see, feel free to contact us via our online contact form or by any means on our contact page.


Be sure to read our all of our policies and warrantees governing our services before you sign up.