Commercial Web Hosting Service Level Agreement

99.999% Percent Availability 
Any network event resulting in downtime during which a customer cannot pass traffic to the Internet for a period in excess of ten (10) minutes, will be deemed "unavailability of the web hosting service" (an "Outage") provided that said Outage is on the Lizard Hill Hosting network and not with our service provider or any other service provider between the customer and Lizard Hill Hosting.

An Outage shall be deemed to commence upon the opening of a trouble ticket with the Lizard Hill Hosting Network Operations Center and shall be deemed to terminate upon the closing of the same trouble ticket. An outage shall not be deemed to occur upon the occurrence of routine maintenance for which the customer has been notified, or upon the occurrence of an act outside of the control of Lizard Hill Hosting such as loss of power for an extended period of time at our data center or an act of force majeure.

For each Outage experienced by an Lizard Hill Hosting customer, such customer will receive a credit equal to one day's billing for the month in which such Outage occurred. In the event that an Outage has a duration of greater than one hour, the Lizard Hill Hosting customer will receive one day's credit for each hour, or fraction thereof, of the Outage.

In the event a customer experiences Outages in any calendar month in which the aggregate exceeds eight (8) hours, the customer shall have the right to terminate its service agreement with Lizard Hill Hosting.

No credit will be given unless the Customer has provided reasonable assistance or notice in an effort to cure the Outage. Reasonable assistance shall be deemed to include the following: Providing Lizard Hill Hosting access to the customer account if necessary or assisting Lizard Hill Hosting with problem identification and resolution via telephone or other means such as e-mail.


At all data centers operated and maintained by Lizard Hill Hosting we employ uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and maintain daily backups of all server and customer data. In the event of a major disaster which causes loss of data, Lizard Hill will, at no charge, recover any data available from backup tapes for the customer at their request. Lizard Hill Hosting will not be held responsible in the event that no data, or incorrect data is recovered from backup tapes. Lizard Hill Hosting will also recover any data from daily backup, at the customers request, for an additional charge which are not related to recovery from a disaster such as power outage, server crash, hardware failure, network outage or act of force majeure.


Occasional server maintenance is needed to maintain our superior level of service. Lizard Hill Hosting reserves the right to service equipment and possibly take services off line between the hours of 12:00 AM and 2:00 AM pacific standard time, 7 days a week for maintenance. During this maintenance window, any service unavailability is not subject to service credits as described above. On a daily basis, Lizard Hill Utilizes this maintenance window to perform backups and upgrade service. Typically service is not affected, but during this time server response time may be slower than normal. If you have any additional questions about our service policy, disaster recovery or maintenance window, please contact us via our online contact form.